Why Us

Why should you advertise with us...

Here are four key reasons why advertising your retail vacancies on YourRetailJob.com gives you the best possible chance of finding that ideal candidate:

 1   Access to PASSIVE and ACTIVE talent

  ► Our ownership by The Retail Bulletin means we have the ability to target passive as well as active jobseekers.

  ► As a result, we have direct access to an additional 36,000 retail people registered for news and events.

  Combined active and passive readership is unique and very powerful.



 2  Simple 3 step process for advertising your vacancies

Simple Steps  ► Select the type of vacancy and how long you want it to be live.

  ► Enter the key job details and person requirements.

  ► Select how you want to receive your applications. That's it!



 3  Unique extras to your recruitment package

  ► Become an employer of choice with careers editorial on TheRetailBulletin.com.

  ► Targeted and branded HTML eCasts broadcast to both active and passive retail jobseekers.

  ► Dual-site banners featured on both YourRetailJob.com and TheRetailBulletin.com.

  ► Sponsorship options and branded job listings on TheRetailBulletin.com daily news alerts.



 4  One of the most comprehensive retail CV databases in the UK

  ► Over 42,000 retail CVs currently registered.and rising.

  ► Search candidate CVs based on location, current job title, desired job title and other key registration fields.

  ► CV watchdog to notify you when an applicant with the right skills and experience registers.

  Excellent for anonymous recruiting.